Build your Initial Framework

You have just installed your website, now you are going to set-up the foundation/ initial framework of your website. For the moment, this would be creating a MENU at the top within your website which consist of : 3 posts, (Home, About Me, Getting Started) + 1 page (Pricacy Policy)

Your next step is then to write the content for each of these “pages” directly within the SiteContent platform. (you can learn the details of how to do this in Lesson 7 of the 10 lessons in Level 1, of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification course, as soon as you sign up as a FREE member of WA).


Home (post)

The Home post, may often be the “page” on a website that a visitor firstly sees. This could be ANY relevant article that you post recently on your website and will be updated automatically every time you publish a new post. In that way people (and also Google or other search engines) can watch whether your website is active (which is good for SEO) or not.


About Me (post)

It is a VERY important “page” on your website, and if you put the emphasis on helping people, making them feel comfortable and confident in your content, you are going to build trust with your audience, which is going to lead you to a long term success online.


Getting Started (post)

In this post, you’re going to tell your audience an outline about the process of how to get started onlineTell them a story related to the theme of your website … Tell them what the usual thing is that has preventing them from achieving success until now? Tell them what all people, who earn money online and achieve success, do have in common … and last but not least, tell them how to get rolling online right now, with $0 …

Visitors don’t like to be left alone in the dark, so invite and encourage them to ask questions if they ever need help or anything, at the end of the page. When they know that you’re present and always ready to support them, they will be asking you some questions. This activity creates engagement on your site, which is good for SEO.

It’s good to have some relevant images on the page too.

For the content. You can have a look at other sources for content and get some ideas from it, but please don’t copy the content. If you copy/paste content from other websites and put it on your site, Google and other search engines will punish you for this, your site will not get indexed and you will not get rankings. No rankings mean no trafiic and no traffic means no conversions and so on … So use some of your own ideas and be as creative as you can with your content.


Privacy Policy (page)                                                    

The Privacy Policy page is a standard document that you have to add to your website. There are many standard scripts in the internet, but Wealthy Affiliate is also providing you with a Privacy Policy sample content that you can copy/paste and use it on your website.

You make it unique to your site by putting your actual website URL within it. Replace all the with your own URL, and you can put your email address and replace as well.

This is just a formality and you don’t have to spend too much time on this, but all major affiliate programs or all advertising platforms require this page on your website.


Wealthy Affiliate has created a video of how to do this

 WATCH VIDEO: Starting your Foundation



If you have any questions about Your Website’s Framework, please feel free to leave them below! I’ll be happy to be of any help …


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