Actually your GOAL with your website is to create your own BRAND online. To come upon your brand, you’ll need to firstly choose what specific niche that you are interested in most,  or whom your “target audience” will be  for your website.

There are in fact many different directions you can head your website related to the platform at Wealthy Affiliate, as it encloses so many different aspects … You will realize how HUGE the opportinity is to profit from WA, as you can promote it to many different categories of people who could all benefit from it, if they only knew that they could take any niche they’re interested with  to build a business online.

It is just a matter of time, finding and connecting with them whenever and wherever they are, wether it’s downtown in the city, or in a shopping mall, or in a baseball stadium … All these people would love to have their own business online … Whatever your target audience is (affiliate marketing, home business, university students, laid off employees etc), you can just choose your own brand and niche and build a long term successful business here.

Please do understand is that the minute you start building out your website, you are building a brand.  You are working to become a SOURCE of information online and through time and effort, you are a BRAND and going to become an expert in this industry.


Basicly your framework/structure should consist of an elaboration of what the theme of your website is … What sort of vision/direction you’re planning to head with your website,  what is your target audience, or in other words, what is the “direction” of your brand/niche that interest you. Remember, you are in full controll of this … there is no right or wrong, just pick your choice … For example, the direction that I am going to choose is  helping Affiliate Marketing newbies, and as I build out my website and my brand, this is going to be the core theme of the topics for my website.

You can come up with the direction for your site by starting with it’s organization and menu structure. Add more relevant categories/theme pages to the Top Menu within your website. This will be the starting point for your Menu and Navigation.

Do not forget that your GOAL is to help and inform your audience to build trust. Build  your website in a way that is useful and make it a good experience for them.  After you’ve build that trust, that’s the time when you can start making recommendations and when you can start earning revenue from your website.


10 potential category ideas relevant to the concept of your website :

  • Building Websites                                                                        
  • Types Of Jobs Online
  • Keyword Research                                                                                                                   
  • Local Marketing
  • Writing Content
  • Work From Home
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Recognizing Scams
  • Getting Help For Your Business
  • Motivational Techniques

You could leverage some of them for your MENU within your website … You can also be creative, and search for more/other potential categories ideas by checking out the Target Audiences Tutorial.


Next is  to choose 3 categories from the above ideas as a start, for example :

  1. Building Websites
  2. Keyword Research  
  3. Writing Content                                                                                                                                                                                   

Better to begin with small for the moment as a start … You can add more categories afterwards to your menu when you are more experienced and ready to build an authority site …

A category/theme could cover more than 10 different related topics that you can create content around or write about.

When you have put these 3 categories on your website, your next step is then going to build a list of at Least 10 pages/ posts within a category. That would be in total  30 pages/posts.


Searching for relevant Topic Ideas in Google or

Take 1 category, for instance “Building Websites“.

When I type in “Building Websites” which is highly relevant to my site in Google, you can come up with a bunch of ideas like :

These are 10 potential pages/posts that you could build out within this particular category.


You can also implement the Alphabet Soup Technique on this category (“Building Websites”) followed by any of the alphabet letter (from A to Z) to reveal many more different topic ideas.


Another thing that you can do is to use a tool called, and do the samething to come up with your theme topical ideas. If you type in “Building Websites” here, its gonna go to the entire alphabet search terms and will give you a lot of topic ideas relevant to the term Building Websites that you could build upon …


You could do this for any category that you want, and be as creative as you want. So in this case, the same goes for the other two examples above : Keyword Research and Writing Content. This will probably keep you busy forever … Just remember that you’ll always have to keep your categories in relevance with the theme of your website.


Wealthy Affiliate has created a video overview of this

WATCH VIDEO : Searching for Topic Ideas


When you have found your Topic Ideas (minimum 10 for each Category), you are going to do a Keyword Research before writing a quality content for each of them.



Any questions regarding your Website Direction? You can leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile here.


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