When someone joins WA (by filling in the registration form) through you, they become a Free Starter Member  and you got a referral.



Active or Non-Active Referral?   

It is very understandable  that you’ll get so excited when you’ve got your first referral,  but you should not be too enthusiastic the minute you got a notice saying: Invitation accepted, you got a referral … Most people here at WA who claim about getting referrals, still do not rightly understand that getting a referral  does not assure you that you automatically will be earning money from them. Those referrals are still by no means real referrals yet.

A true new Free Starter Member has to be active and immediately make their first move by uploading a picture, typing in a few words about themselves in their profile description, and getting involved in a live chat with others.

Without their doing so, means that they have not completed their “Account Setup” tasks yet. In other words,  they are actually just non-active members, who has not yet taken their first steps towards the training in WA, and consequently  you (as their referrer) will not be earning money at all.

However, don’t be pessimistic when they do not have taken their first steps straightaway,  they may be doing so a week, a month or a year later after they subscribed. The minute they decide to start their training (i.e. upload a picture and type in something in their profile description), you’ll will get a lifetime referral cookie to your account.

I suggest that you’ve set up your welcome and several follow up messages (3 to 4 would be enough for the time being) first, even before you’ve got a referral. This is very crucial  as you want to be prepared  when your referrals begin coming in, otherwise they will think that you do not appreciate their trust in your invitation and will quit before starting, so you’ll miss the opportunity to guide them to start the Certification Course.


How to Set Up Messages for Your Referrals?

First step is click on the airplane icon (top right) on your WA home-page,  a drop- down box will show up.


Then click on Messages, it will bring you to the Messages for Your Referrals page. These are automated, follow-up messages that you can create for your referrals!


Now click at the green Add button of your Welcome Message under the Actions column on the right. This will bring you to the Welcome Message box, where you can write a simple personal message.


This simple personal message could be something like : Hi ………. , it is great to have you here at WA and I look forward to working with you … etc. (write your referral’s first name as a default setting, the computer will then fill in this name for you when the time comes for the message to be sent). Basicly you’ll introduce yourself and welcomes your referral, offering your help and guidance along the way whenever they have any questions at all. Also telling them to set up their account as soon as possible to be able to connect better with the community of WA.

This welcome message will be posted within 1 hour after someone joins WA, to their profile page.

Depending on your referral’s response/ activity (account not set up or account setup completed), a follow up message will then be sent to them within 3 days.

  1. This follow up message should ask the referral how they are doing. If they have not setup their account yet, ask them why and urge them to do so, because it would lead to much better communication within the community. Telling them that there is a quick video walk through  the steps of setting up their Wealthy Affiliate account, how to add an image and description. Always offering your help when they need a hand.
  2. On the other hand, when they have setup their account, then it would look like this sample image below. As you can see, a picture on the right (a photo or an image) has been uploaded and the profile description (Hello, I am …. etc) has been typed in.


The follow up messages will then be something to support and to motivate your referral, advising them to keep working through the training communicating within the community and convincing them that their hard work and dedication is surely going to pay off. Also encouraging them to ask for help,  or to leave a message when they need a hand or are feeling stuck. 


How much will you earn from a Free Starter Member?

If you are still a Starter Member yourself and your “referral” sets up their account by uploading a picture and types in a short description about themselves, you will earn nothing yet, but you can say that you have gotten your WA referral all right.

On the other hand, when you are a Premium Member yourself and your “referral” sets up their account (i.e. uploads a picture and types in a short description about themselves), then you will earn and be paid  $1.00 USD, and  you can rightly claim now  that you have gotten your real WA referral.


How much will you earn from a Premium Member?

After you’ve gotten your WA referral, you task now will be answering any issues your referral will have, helping them any possible way and keep reminding them that they have Premium communication (Discussions, Questions, Live Chat) limited for 7 days, and if they want to continue communicate and get help after these 7 days  they’ll have to upgrade to Premium.

Do not push them to become a Premium Member though, because that is a free choice they’ll have to decide for themselves.

The minute they’ve become premium, you have a serious referral who is on the way to their long term and successful business online.

If you are still a Starter Member yourself,  you will earn a $4.00 USD commission from the discounted first month membership special offer of $19.00.

When you are a Premium Member yourself, this commission will be doubled to $8.00 USD.


Help your Referral Through The Training

After your referral becomes a Premium Member, you’ll have to guide them work their way through the training (i.e. building a website, interacting with the community etc), by sending them some automatic Private Messages which you can set up ahead of time.

When you got an email (on the second month of their membership) that says: “Congratulations! A Recurring WA Commission!”, you will have your recurring commission of $23.50 USD from your referrals full membership of $49.00 per month. (as long as that member stays on at WA). As you can see,  2 active premium referrals can more or less pay your monthly WA membership fee.

If you want a discounted price, you can have it for only $359, billed once a year (that comes to even less than $30 per month).

You also will get an additional $1.00 USD recurring, if this referral buys a domain name from WA.



Any questions or feedbacks regarding “You Got A Referral”? Please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to communicate with you.


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