How to Resize Images of Free Image Resources

The following instructions are for Windows computers. Other computers like Apple must have a similar guidance, I think.

Many images that are downloaded from free Image Resources are  big in memory (1 MB and up) and the size of the memory space (not size dimensions) should be reduced  in order not to slow down your website  as a result of taking up too much memory. The usual question from a newbie  is: How do you resize images of free image recources?

It is quite easy to resize an image, as you already have  Microsoft Paint or Paint software as one of Windows features pre-installed on your  computer.


As an Example for the image that I wish to resize, I am using an image by Fabian Isara on Unsplash that is originally 3 MB in size.


All you have to do now is click print-screen this image and load it into Paint,  then click Resize.

A Resize and Skew panel will appear. As you see, the Horizontal and Vertical is set to 100 each, and the “Maintain aspect ratio” box is checked  by default.


Now change the numbers. Say  that I want to change it to 50.


Then click OK,  and bingo … the image has been resized.  Next,  save it  and you’re finished.


When you right-click and check on the “new” image properties, you’ll see that the size of the image which was originally 3 MB has been changed to 353KB.

This surely saves me a great deal of memory size.



Do you have  any comments or questions about “Resize Images” ? You’re welcome to leave them below and I’ll be happy to assist you …


Thanks for reading.


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