What is a Keyword?

keyword is a term (a word or a phrase) that describes or summarizes the content of a Web page. When people need or look for something online (a product, a service, an information or anything at all …),  they do a search  by typing a keyword into the search box of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing …

Keywords are very important for capturing and engaging relevant visitors to your website.

If you being an affiliate marketer, fully understand keyword research, you can get ranked in Google (or other search engines) and get lots of traffic (audience/people coming to your website).


What is Keyword Research?

The main purpose of keyword research is  to look for keywords (words or phrases) relevant to any term you choose (the theme of your website/your niche, or any page/post topic within a category).  Once you have your keyword, you will then be using this keyword to create a page/post on your website.

Write your  CONTENT in a natural (human oriented, engaging and informative) way on your website. The keyword should be placed somewhere in the page/post title or somewhere within the first paragraph.

If you can get ranked within the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) from that keyword, you can attract relevant traffic to your website, and take advantage of this traffic by making product/service recommmendations such as Wealthy Affiliate, earn commissions from it and get a lot of success.

So before you get into creating content around, you are going to do a keyword research first.

How to find potential Keywords?

There are millions of potential keywords that can be used to promote Wealthy Affiliate within an audience (target audience), and there is actually a simple and easy way how to find them.

Here is an example of how a target-audience can be leveraged using Google.com … The minute you type any term into Google, they’ll offer you “Google Instant” results based on what you have typed.

I suggest that you begin with broad first, and then narrow it down to something much more specific. For instance, if you type the phrase “affiliate” into Google, it is going to give you some instant ideas …



You see,  here you already have 9 new ideas. Choose one of them let’s say “affiliate marketing” …  continue typing and you will get 9 more Google Instant results.



You can continue  type in “affiliate marketing programs” and you can see another 9 terms in Google.



You see,  the terms are getting more and more targeted which is the main purpose.

These terms are all keywords that you can then plug into keywords tools and finish your keyword research.


What are Keyword Tools?

keyword tool is a platform, that provides you with sophisticated keyword and research data and helps you to make your keyword research far more efficient which is going to save you a lot of time.

There are many keyword tools out there on the market and one of the best keyword tools is Jaaxy, a keyword research and website analysis platform that is founded by Kyle and Carson to fill the many gaps of every other keyword tools out there. It delivers precise, real time data and is going to help you come up with SEO ready keywords.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool

It is similar like the keyword tool at WA, only that it can help you with much more tasks beyond just finding keywords (for instance to see where your site ranks under keywords).

You can use either tool, but I …

do suggest that you would consider choosing Jaaxy as your keyword tool …

Here are the reasons Why:

  1. Jaaxy doesn’t use outdated data from their database, nor do they over analyze data that has little meaning but only confusing you.
  2. Through a thorough comparative data testing research they created a sophisticated system with an algorithm that utilizes data from all Search Engines to reveal search data that is close to the “real” numbers.
  3. It is a HUGE time saver (a lot of hours per month if you do any amount of research).


Wealthy Affiliate has created a video walk-through of  how to perform Keyword Research and use jaaxy

Watch Video


How to perform a winning Keyword Research?

  1. Search for a LOW COMPETITION  keywords. If a keyword has too much competition, you’re not going to able to rank and consequently you’re not going to be getting any traffic.  Look for keywords with under 200 QSR (Quoted Search Result), this means less than 200 competing pages in Google. The closer to zero, the easier to rank.
  2. Get TRAFFIC.  Look for a keywords that gets more than 50 searches per month. These low volume keywords add up  when you start ranking them. Moderate traffic keywords are more relevant and will convert better.
  3. KQI (Keyword Quality Index): A quick way to scan a list of keywords and visually find the ones that are more likely to be the better keywords.
  4. Once you found that niche-keyword, you can expand it (with the aid of keyword tools) to find more SIMILAR keywords.         
  5. Select which ones of these keywords that you like,  to help you create relevant contents on your site.
  6. The keyword must grammatically MAKE SENSE.  Use a keyword that make sense to people because we are writing content for our audience,  not search engines. If it doesn’t make sense and you want to use that keyword, then do another search on the keyword that makes sense as the data will be slightly different .
  7. Put these keywords that you found  to a special keyword list, that can be used towards your other keyword searches.

The root of any RANKING in the search engines is to create QUALITY CONTENT … If you can create Quality Content and meet the Traffic and QSR metrics,  you can get ranked high in any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing …).


Get Ranked

Every page/post that you create on your website will target a new specific (low competition)keyword, and as you build your content using that keyword, you can have a chance to rank in the search engines. You will then watch your traffic continue to grow and will lead to your revenue and your success.
Jaaxy offers 30 searches for free (it is completely free, no credit cards required) when youregister,  which will enable you to start right away with your Niche & Keyword research.

Register for a FREE Jaaxy Account!



Any questions (or feedbacks) for a more detailed lesson on Keyword Research,  please feel free to leave them below or get in touch with me via my profile.


Kind regards,

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