Where to find help?

As a newbie you always will need help and have a lot of questions to ask. How any times do you have a feeling of being alone and  frustrated?  How many times do you want to give up? How many times do you keep wondering, asking yourself  as how do I get help in WA?

There is no  reason at all for you to become confused or stuck during any training at WA. Here you can get a huge amount of help and support, so you don’t have to go through the training by yourself and definitely won’t have this feeling of being left alone any longer.

There are several places that you can go to to find help/answers whenever you become confused or stuck during the training lessons (Certification Courses/Get Started Here, Affiliate Bootcamp, Classrooms) of WA (see image below). Everyone here is nice, and is offering you their help or assistance.


Here are the places where you can engage the community within WA :

1. Join the Discussion

The “Join the Discussion” area located at the bottom of each lesson of the “Get Started Here”, the “Affiliate Bootcamp”, and the “Classrooms”. Here is where you can go whenever you want leave  your comments or are looking for answers to all your questions.

Type-in your message (Comments or Questions) in the “Write something” box, to go into a discussion with the community and get their response or answers as quick as possible.



2. Top Helpers

At the bottom of the every lesson (above the “Join the Discussion” area) of the “Get Started Here”and the “Affiliate Bootcamp”, there are 10 Top Helpers available and ready to help you. Click on any username/profile image of the member you want to contact and go to their Profile page.

Let’s say that you click on Kyle.


Now you can either type-in your message in the  “Write something” box at the “Leave a Message” area (at the bottom of the profile description).


Click on the “Private Message” button (beside the profile image) and send them a private message.

Notice: For the training lessons,  I myself prefer these 2 above mentioned places (“Join the Discussion” and “Top Helpers”) to look for help, as these two are directly attached (relevant) within each lesson that you go through, while the other places below are for any subject you are stuck with (including the training) or should you want to do a research on something. Of course you don’t have to follow me, as you are free to choose which one you feel more comfortable with.


3. Profile page of the person who referred you to WA

Click on the username/profile image of the member who referred you to Wealthy Affiliate and go to his/her Profile page. Then you can do the same procedure here (as what you have done with the “Top Helpers” above mentioned).


4. Ask a Question (1)

At the top of your WA screen there is an “Ask a Question” box.

Whenever you have a question about anything at all, you can type-in a keyword relevant to your question into the “Ask a Question” search box, and it will immediately display all of the relevant postings that’s available within Wealthy Affiliate.

As an example,  I did a search for the keyword “niche” →  a dropdown of  a bunch of information options (Training, Questions, Blogs) all related to that keyword (niche)  are being displayed. Next pick out  the ones that’s most related or similar to your question, and go deeper into the subject by going into their “Join the Discussion” or their “Top Helpers” area to get a satisfying answer.


If you cannot get/choose an exact information/answer that you are looking for  thus far, then you can always type-in your specific question in the “Ask a Question” box located at the bottom.


5. Ask a Question (2)

Another way where you can ask your question is : Click on the “Pen” icon (top right) on your WA home-page,


A drop- down box will show up …


Then click on “Ask a Question”, and you can type in your question here …


6. Ask a Question (3)

There is still another place that you can leave a question :  At the bottom of the “Lessons” on the right,

(scroll down)


there is an “Ask a Question” button,  then click on that … and you can leave your question in the “Type your question here” box …



7. Live Chat

When you are looking for  instant help, “Live Chat” is the best place where you can go to. Here,  your questions are being answered right away, provided that members are active within the chat …

Watch  the vertical stream of chat posts along the right side of your screen (below the word “Open”),  updating from moment to moment and see whether the chat is active or not.

However frequently members in the chat do not answer you immediately as you’ve expected, not that they are not paying attention to your comment or question, but they may be busy in the midst of helping others. When this should happen,  you’ll have to be a bit more patient and repeat the same question again after some time.

To get into Chat for instant help,  you can click the “Live Chat” button on the left side menu.



And type-in your message in the “Add your message here” box.


You can also click on the word “Open” (top right), above the vertical  chat stream along the right side, and then  do the same procedure to add your message.


8. Technical Support

The type of things you face everyday in your website development, like problems logging into your website or the WP admin … or difficulties to get the training video to work … or something else …

You can click on the Site Rubix button on the left side menu.


One more menu will open up  where you can see 7 options that you can select, then choose and click on the Site Support button at the bottom.


It will bring you further to the Support Ticket Submission page. All you have to do is follow and  carry out carry out the instructions  inscribed there.


You should realize by now,  how vast/broad the HELP resources at Wealthy Affiliate are.



If you have any questions about  “Getting Help”,  please feel free to leave them below! I’ll be happy to assist you!


Kind regards,


Affiliate Marketing Newcomer.com
















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