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Before setting up your website, you’ll have to create your own brand (or website name or website title) first. Example: my brand or website name/title  is “Affiliate MarketingNewcomer“.

To come upon your brand idea, you need to know who the “target audiences” for Wealthy Affiliate are.

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When you have found your target audience, (the direction for your brand), you are going to be placing your brand/audience idea into the “domain name” area, because this will be your website URL (and your brand). Domain names have no spacing between the words (example: my domain is “affiliatemarketingnewcomer“).

The name/title of your website should match your domain, but it with proper capital letters and  proper spacing (example: Affiliate Marketing Newcomer).​

When chosing your domain name“, it’s a good idea that you choose something that is highly relevant to your niche,  something that is either very targeted to the theme of your site, or choose a site that is very brandable  and keep it simple, something that is easy for people to memorize.


What Is A Domain?

Newcomers on the internet often got confused when they think of domainswebsites and hosting. While they are closely connected, they are in fact quite different things.

A domain or domain name is your web address. It is the location of a website on the internet. It is the address where online visitors can access your website.

Your domain name is the name that people type into their browser to find your website. Example:  is the domain that I am using. This is going to be my site and my approach to this. Yours can definitely be different in terms of how you approach your niche.                                                                   

(A domain name is actually part of a much more larger detailed internet address called a URL. A URL provides much more information of the page address, the folder name, and the protocol language. The domain name is the more easily to read part of the whole address).


There are 3 options that you can build a  website with at Wealthy Affiliate:

1. On a FREE domain (2 websites) – for Starter members

2. On a Free domain (25 websites) & On your own domain (25 websites) – for Premium members

3. Purchase your very own domain (.com, .org, .net, etc)  – for Starter & Premium members



When you create a FREE website, you will choose a extension (subdomain).

Ideally you should have your own domain, one that you could have full control of, and gives you a huge competitive advantage when it comes to succeeding online … For that, you’ll have to purchase a domain at a domain registrar company and then set-up your website on it.

As a Starter or a Premium member you can register domains within Wealthy Affiliate as well  through the SiteDomains platform.


Register your domain name, build a website for it, and get it on the web.

A domain name has to be be registered first, before you can use it. The reason for this is to protect copyrights and trademarks, to build creditability, increase brand awareness, and search engine positioning.

When a domain name is registered, it is added in a big records’ register containing many other domain names, and this database is maintained by ICANN.

Every domain name is individual. No two websites in the world can have same domain name with the same top-level domain extension like .com, .org, .net,  etc. For example, if someone types in, it will go to my website and nobody else’s.



When you register a domain  and want to use it for a website, you need to first build a websiteand then find a host for it, so it can be visible on the web.

Illustration: If you decided to start your own offline business and you choose a name for it,  you might copyright the name first to protect it.

Website hosts are companies that lease space on their web server, where it stores and maintain files for one or more websites and make them available on the web for visitors to see your website.                                                                           .

Illustration: Think of a website hosting company like a shopping mall that accommodate several different stores. If you want to open a store (represents a website), you can rent space(represents hosting) in the shopping mall, build up your store there and give your store a name & address (represents a domain).

When you already registered your domain, you can use it at any web hosting company you want. Regardless where you decide to host your website files, your domain remains yours for the period of your registration.


If you have no certain registrar company in mind yet, I recommend that you use the SiteDomains domain registration platform within SiteRubix to purchase your domain for maybe less than $15 per year.

However … to “host” your own domains here, you must be a premium member first. So if  you seriously want to promote Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest that you become a premium member and have your own domain  because having your own domain name is ideal, it will lead to much more success and you will be building an asset as well.


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