Before you begin with promoting Wealthy Affiliateyou should have a website first. This is the only place online  where you can engage people, help them, and ultimately convert them into  Wealthy Affiliate members.


What is a Website?

A website is the foundation of your business. It is where you are going to promote your products/services  (similar like a shop where you can display and offer your products/services).

Here is where all of your traffic are going to come to, to search for whatever products or informations they need … If you can build your brand and their trust, they’re going to buy and generate revenue for you. Without a website (shop) you cannot display your products/services to would-be customers, and logically the money won’t happen …


Definition: A website (web site or site) is a collection of web pages that are related and grouped together.


Web pages are documents (text, graphics, images, audio, video, animation or other media) that can be accessed through the internet ( a public Internet Protocol/ IP network) or a LAN (a private local area network) via web browsers.

web address or a domain name , shows the location of a website on the internet (Worls Wide Web/www). It’s similar like the street address of your shop. But then you have also hosting, the place that stores your website, similar like the piece of land on which the shop is build upon.

When you type a web address in your browser address bar, or click on a link of a web address, first thing you’ll usually see the Home page (opening page) of the web page on your computer screen. From the Home page“, you can go to all the other pages on the site.


Do You Want To Build Your Own Website?

Back in the early 2000, most sites were built by coding manually HTML, CSS and even Flash. At that time programming knowledge is essential.

But then, things have changed over the years ………. The technological barriers have been removed because of Content Management Systems (CMS). CMS allows you to build beautiful customized websites for businesses, professionals, and bloggers.

As from 2016, websites have been simplifiedANYONE now CAN build a website and succeed online as a result. No need for design skills nor any programming knowledge or experience, as there are so many website builders on the market that can help you build your website with ease.

Luckily, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate (being one of the industry leaders in the website development space), you have access to the most advanced, but simple website builder in the industry within the SiteRubix platform.


What aspects makes a quality and a successful website?

  1. Speed performance. The website loading speed is very important for page rank,  it is one of the ranking factors in Google or other search engines (search engines rank fast websites better). Make sure that it serves fast and efficient to people that visit your website, because it does impact their experience . If your site does not load quickly,  then chances are that visitors would give up to open and see it.
  2. Quality content. Ready for SEO, create quality and relevant content (something that is relevant and interesting to the visitor).
  3. The aesthetics (presentable and readable) of the site theme. Clean and simple in nature that puts the emphasis on the actual content.
  4. Easy to navigate. Clear navigation links on your homepage and on all your pages, making it easy for your visitor to go from one page to the next.


In order to be able to carry out these 4 aspects,  you’ll  need to leverage a website builder that makes the process much more simple.

Website builder is a program/tool provided by web hosting companies that typically helps you build a website without manual code editing (no coding knowledge or experience is required). It is  typically intended for users (beginners or experienced designers) to build their private websites within minutes.

The SiteBuilder of the SiteRubix platform at WA is the most advanced, but simple website platform in the industry. It will  get you a full operational  Wordpress website ready and running online in less than 30 seconds, which will be the starting point for your business.

Here are some of the powerful features included within the SiteRubix platform at WA,  that you can access as a Starter member:

  • SiteManager
  • SiteContent
  • SiteBuilder
  • SiteDomains

Much more other important technologies like SiteSpeed, SiteProtect, SiteSupport, etc … are accessable only for Premium members.



If you are EAGER to make your own website but still CANNOT decide which website builder to choose, I do recommend WORDPRESS, the world’s most widely used website framework that you can build your website on.

Wealthy Affiliate has developed the most sophisticated website platform in the industry with SiteRubix, leveraging the WordPress framework.


Why WordPress? Because creating and managing your website is SIMPLE with’s powerful platform. There are over 49,000 different plugins (from social plugins to e-commerce plugins that allow you to sell  products from your website) and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress.


Some excellent features of WordPress:

Uses a CMS (Content Management System)

EASY to use; Creating and managing your website is now simple with WordPress

Your OWN Domain name. Register a unique  or .me  domain

The best support Live chat, email, support pages, and forums to answer any questions you have.


Want to Set-up Your Very Own FREE WordPress Website Now?

If you want to have your own website  up and running  fast, you’ll  need to take these steps :

Step 1: Register, Get Started and Create a FREE Account at Wealthy Affiliate .


Step 2: Build your website on the domain.  Access your website features and the website builder by clicking the SiteBuilder section of the SiteRubix menu.


Choose what kind of website (you have 2 options) you want. On a FREE website  or  on your OWN domain.

As a Starter member you can build and host  up to 2 FREE websites  on the domain.

As a Premium member, you can build and host up to 25 free websites and you can also  create 25 websites on your own domains (50 websites in total).


Step 3: Choose a Domain. Keep in mind that before building your website, you need to have your domain name decided first. Place your brand name into the “domain name” field … this then will be your website URL, as you move forward.


Step 4: Choose a Website Name and place it into the “title” field. It should match your domain name, but with proper spacing.

Step 5: Choose a design that you like for your theme, and click on it. As a Starter member you’ll have access to 12 quality designs.


Wealthy Affiliate has created a VIDEO showing how you can get your very first website ready and running in less than 30 seconds, Check it out here …



Have you any questions regarding your Website? Please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile here.


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