Dear Visitor,

First of all, a warm WELCOME and a big thank you for visiting my site, a site dedicated more for NEWBIES actually.



My name is Gerardus Budiardjo, I am 75 years old, a retired local architect, a happy husband and a happy grandpa of 4 lovable grandchildren who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I do sincerely apologize for my grammatical errors, since English has not been my native language.


Looking for a business opportunity

I don’t like the thought of being retired while doing nothing the next years to come though, because that can quickly lead to my going downwards, physically and mentally speaking.

I saw others succeeding and were making “big” money online, so I was looking for a business opportunity within the internet space as well, something that I can do in my own chosen time and from the comforts of my home.                                                                                                                                                                         
Out of the many business models for making money online that I know until now, I think that AFFILIATE MARKETING interested me and suited me the most. With some expert’s help and guidance of how to do Affiliate Marketing the right and ethical way, I do hope sincerely that this can lead me to A LONG TERM BUSINESS of making a living in my old age, be able to enjoy life and be financially independent for the rest of my life.

How much time is there left for me? 5, 10, 20 more years or even more? Que sera sera … as the famous quote says: “Man proposes, God disposes“.


Got my Wealthy Affiliate link for the first time

So I have chosen and decided my niche (Affiliate Marketing) that most interested me as my first step, and the second step that I must do now is looking for the right place where I can learn how to actually do this kind of industry??? I have seen a lot of scams, in one form or another, and painfully got hooked up into several of them too on my journey searching for that kind of place I mentioned above online, when one day I eventually got a Wealthy Affiliate link and information sent to my email inbox by someone I didn’t even know.

As I was always some kind of adventurer (that unfortunately caused me experiencing those unnecessary scams), I clicked on the link, opened the website, run through the items in it’s menu and then read the invitation to fill up the subscription form. I kind of liked what I saw, so I thought “what the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose as it will cost me nothing anyways, why not give it a try?” So I REGISTERED and create my free starter membership right away. And guess what?

Friends, I’m so GLAD that I came across this website … and feeling lucky this time, I must say that I DON’T regret having done this … I wish I found Wealthy Affiliate earlier before I was scammed several times over.

Wealthy Afiiliate seems to be EXACTLY the platform that I was looking for so far … if not above my expectations … Just walking through the WA video training courses, I have learned more about Affiliate Marketing and how to make money online than I ever had before.

With the support of the community and it’s co-founders to help and lead me step-by-step in the right direction, I think that I have everything I need to fulfill my long term success dream now.


Helping other fresh newbies

I am a TOTAL newbie with none of any experience in this kind of industry (internet marketing), so it didn’t surprise me at all that I was kind of OVERWHELMED with the materials given in those comprehensive courses.

ANYHOW, I want to help my fellow newbie visitors who are also interested to become an Affiliate Marketer, and share them all the things that I’ve learned here at Wealthy Affiliate Why?

Because I know exactly how it feels for a newcomers who are looking for an opportunity to earn money online or who want to begin an online business badly for themself, but don’t have the slightest idea of WHERE to look or HOW to start …

Believing that everything I do now, and every step that I take here at Wealthy Affiliate will contribute towards my personal success in the future, I am willing to commit myself learning to creating a successful long term business and hoping that a year from now, I can become an authority online ……. I hope the same goes for any other fresh newbie who visit this site and have the same dream as I have.


Great to have met you, please feel free to drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via

Your new friend,

Gerardus Budiardjo

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